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Deadrite Hunt New Download

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Deadrite Hunt Download Free

Deadrite Hunt Download Free

Deadrite Hunt About:

Deadrite Hunt - multiplayer online shooter with support for the cooperative mode. And so, each game session is held with the participation of five people, while one acts as a monster, and the other four are given the lot of hunters. As it is not difficult to guess the hunters need to destroy the monster and at the same time stay alive, the task of the monster is to kill all the hunters. A wide choice of weapons, individual skills and abilities for each player will allow you to complete the task as efficiently as possible, but the team work and tactics still come to the fore.

Deadrite Hunt 

Support: Android 4.1 
Lable : Games
Size : 73.6Mb + 64.8Mb

Deadrite Hunt Link Download:

Download Deadrite Hunt : 73.6Mb + 64.8Mb

Download Deadrite Hunt : 73.6Mb + 64.8Mb

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