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This page provides direct download links from official for all the applications you need and instantly provides the apk so that it can directly apply to the device you are using without using any other software. New Download New Download Description: - a very popular worldwide board game with puzzle elements in which you will control a small worm. The essence of the game is very simple and clear from the first minutes of the gameplay. You have to grow, everything depends on you so skillfully eat multi-colored dots that are scattered throughout the map, the more you eat them, the more in size you can grow, become huge and start hunting for people like you, do so opponents would crash into you and thereby lose all points. The game is very interesting and addictive, I strongly recommend it to all arcade fans to play! 

Support: Android 2.3 
Lable : Games
Size : 16.9Mb Link Download:

Download : 16.9Mb

Download : 16.9Mb

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